Welcome Home: A Relocation Guide


Have you ever imagined starting over or dreamed of living by the ocean? Have you thought about morning runs on the beach (or walks for some of us!), sipping your coffee on your balcony overlooking the ocean, or eating dinner downtown on the Riverwalk at sunset? If you answered yes to any of these questions then, your mind is already made up! Now it is just a matter of doing it and making the move!

Relocating can be intimidating especially if you’re relocating from across the country. Whether this be for work, family, or a new start—YOU ARE DOING IT! So…Welcome to Wilmington, North Carolina!


Wilmington is an amazing place to call home! The downtown area is filled with lots of cultural activities including art, shows and dining opportunities. You will also find top-notch education, and it is only blocks away from the beach!

Our tight knit community is what sets us apart. Our naturally beautiful beaches and peaceful small town feel exemplifies what a beach town should be! It is great time to relocate, buy a second home, or retire to our amazing city!


Check out my relocation upcoming blogs! We are going to let you know about all the best cities, towns, and neighborhoods, surrounding Wilmington, so we can help you pick the perfect home to relocate to!

Kristy Hardy is a Broker with Nest Realty Wilmington. Kristy has built a reputation on meeting the needs of her client’s and placing their goals at the head of every transaction. Her job is to be by their side every step of the way. She wants people to feel like a dependable friend is guiding them in the real estate process.



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