The Non-Traditionalist

Whether you’re a non-traditionalist looking to try something unexpected, a small-spaced beach cottage without enough room in your home, or you simply don’t feel like discovering pine needles everywhere, there are plenty of alternatives to the Christmas tree you can try this year.

Check out these creative substitutes this holiday season:

Small Spaces

Collected shells, branches, seaweed, and sand dollars or twigs and you can create a whimsical  pine-tree alternative. Tie your branches together and hang them up to save space and the sturdier the  branch, the more it  will allow you to easily display your favorite objects and ornaments!screen-shot-2016-12-05-at-12-16-19-pm

 Liberian, Lover, or Lector

For anyone with heaps of beach day books lying around can create this unconventional  “Christmas tree.” For an extra-eclectic look, try using vintage books and add on garland, and top with a candle or topper for the full “Christmassy” effect.


The MakeShift Tree 

Lusting for a traditional tree but don’t have enough space for a giant messy Christmas Tree? Ever consider using the tree material and making your own tree? Cut up some garland or hanging your favorite ornaments on wall-mounted cedar branches.




Wayfair Apt. 34 ,Thoughts From Alice ,Almost Makes Perfect ,Kit & Forage,Driftwood


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